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We've compiled some of our groomers best tips and advice for in between grooming sessions to keep your pooch in tip top condition!

  • Brush your dog daily using both a slicker brush and comb.

  • Remember to brush the full coat thoroughly, especially the legs, face and tail.

  • Make sure before bathing your pooch, that you brush the coat thoroughly first. Bathing a knotty or matted coat will only make it worse!

  • Try to walk your doggo as much as possible to help keep their nails nice and short.

  • If you find your pups not due a groom but their nails are getting long, just pop in for a nail trim in between grooms.

  • Keep an eye on the dew-claws to avoid over growing and curling back into the skin.

  • Check your dogs ears regularly, especially if signs of ear rubbing, scratching, head shaking or a smell can be detected.

  • Keep up to date with flea and worm treatments, especially in the summer months.

It's important to get your pup prepared for their first trip to the groomers using a simple at home routine with plenty of positive reinforcement. To help you, we've complied some of our best tips and tricks that can be used for both puppies and adults dogs.


Feet and Ears

Firstly, you want to get your dog used to their paws and ears being touched. We would recommend gently massaging both the ears and paws on a daily basis.



Once they seem comfortable with this you can slowly introduce them to being brushed with a nice soft brush. The key is to not rush things and make the learning experience as fun as possible, lots of treats and rewarding will help with this! Once your doggo gets used to being brushed, you can then introduce other grooming tools such as combs.

Face holding

It's important your pup gets used to their face being held as this will allow the groomer to hold their face to brush and trim around their eyes. Again, this can easily be done using treats. Simply start off by showing them you have a treat and asking them to sit. Then place your hand under their chin and hold the hair gently. After a couple of seconds of them staying still, reward them with a treat and praise. Repeat this exercise until they will allow you to hold their face still for 30 seconds or more. You can then begin holding their chin and stroking their face, between their eyes and above their head, again rewarding them with treats and praise.


If you're able to, we would recommend bathing your pup whenever possible in a bath or sink (depending on their size). If you're bathing a puppy, be sure to use a sensitive shampoo as their have very sensitive skin. If they're scared of water you can begin with running a very shallow bath, allowing them to get used to the water. Over time, once they get more comfortable you can slowly introduce gently tipping water on the lower part of their body, building it up until they're fully comfortable with the experience. Remember to rewards them with treats and praise!


To get your doggo used to the sounds of the grooming salon, we would recommend introducing them to the sound of the hair dryer or vacuum cleaner on the lowest setting. Begin with them just being in the room with the hair dryer/vacuum on so they can get used to the sound. Over time, when they're comfortable with the sound, you can start laying treats on the ground and blowing them with the hair dryer, this will turn a scary noise into a positive experience! Remember to always keep it on the lowest and coolest setting. 

The day of your appointment

Our top tip for the day of the appointment is to ensure they go on a nice walk before their groom. This will allow them to burn off some energy and relieve themselves before heading to their appointment. If you think it will also help, perhaps take their favourite toy or treats along with them.

Remember to slowly introduce each of the above steps. It's very unlikely you'll get them used to all of the above in one day so it's important to take things slowly and at a pace your dog is comfortable with.

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